Nesting Doll NZ Birds 4pcs


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Inspired by Russian matryoshka dolls, and designed here in New Zealand, these nesting dolls showcase our unique bird life. Featuring kiwi, pukeko, tūī, and kea, these are New Zealand’s most iconic birds.
Native and unique to New Zealand, each of these birds holds a special place in New Zealand culture.
Contains 4pcs (dolls):
The kiwi doll (largest) is 6.8cm in dia. x 13cm tall.
The pukeko doll (2nd largest) is 5.1cm in dia. x 10.2cm tall.
The tūī doll (2nd smallest) is 4cm in dia. x 7.5cm tall.
The kea doll (smallest) is 2.7cm in dia. x 5.6cm tall.
The full product in packaging is 15cm tall x 7.5cm wide x 7cm deep.
Hand painted.
These nesting dolls are part of the New Zealand brand, providing you with Aotearoa and Kiwiana designed products.


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