Our Story

Our story starts with our parents touching base in Sydney Australia, 1981. Our Dad is Raro-Tahitian, and our Mum is of Maori decent from the Nga Pui tribe in Kaikohe. As children we grew up in Australia, but our parents always reminded us of our heritage. We loved listening to stories of the old ways and how food would always be a stable to bring our loved ones together. 
The Kiwi Place is our family-owned business specializing in New Zealand goods. Together, we have over 10 years’ experience selling a variety of New Zealand and Pacific Island goods to the Perth area. We aim to help bring a warm feel to your whare or home in a simple and affordable way no matter where you may be in the world. 
We aim to subside any homesickness by supplying you with tasty treats, some you may remember, and some that will bring out your inner child. Our range includes, but is not limited to groceries such as the classic buzz bars and chocolate fish, Watties tomato sauce, Mackintosh Toffees, Milk Biscuits, Palusami and L&P, just to name a few.
We are always looking for new and exciting lines that come direct from Home as we an advocate for supporting NZ made lines. 
We hope that you find something that excites you, and keeps you coming back for me